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Reliable, dedicated and fast connectivity backed with smart add-ons and exceptional support to enhance your business productivity and efficiency

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Fiber or Microwave
The Best Of Both Worlds
Our consultants will analyze all your needs and propose the best internet solution be it via Wireless Microwave, Fiber or the combination of both.
We will make sure to meet your needs in the most efficient way to ensure business continuity!
Fully Dedicated

Our Business Internet services are fully dedicated with 100% Committed Information Rate (CIR)

... capacity is also easily expandable, and traffic flow can be symmetrical

High Performance

We guarantee the most reliable Internet connection with a low latency and a very high availability

An automatic backup over various media ensures business continuity

Bandwidth Monitoring

You will get tools to monitor your bandwidth utilization on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis

You can even have access to traffic insights and detailed reports

Ultimate Protection

We use advanced techniques to detect and mitigate attacks including Distributed Denial of Service

We redirect malicious traffic to scrubbing centers and forward clean traffic to you.


Need help? Our 5-star support is ready to assist you!

Get the support you need for a reliable connection. Our dedicated technical team are available 24/7 and ready to solve the most challenging technical queries.

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We have redefined what a service provider means
We understand that your business needs more than plain vanilla Internet connectivity. Our smart add-ons were carefully developed to offload most challenging tasks from your organization and help you focus on what really matters.

Our Smart Add-Ons

Advanced Traffic Monitoring

Extended visibility over your own traffic.  Access to historical plots of the bandwidth utilisation and real time distribution of top traffic per application (Facebook, Video, Downloading, Browsing …) Detailed report of traffic over a 48-hour period

Advanced Traffic Management

Get the benefits of carrier grade layer-7 (application aware) firewalls and shapers. We will enable you to manage your bandwidth and prioritize your mission critical traffic (ie ERP and emails) over others

Managed Business Wi-Fi

Forget about the hassle of installing and managing the internal Wi-Fi network, we provide a managed solution where we install, configure and manage access points. Separate access is configured to isolate internal network from visitor’s hotspot

Virtual Data Center

Get a complete virtual data center and save on IT infrastructure, electricity, HVAC, staff, and security.  Key Advantages over international cloud providers, including proximity, flexibility, telecommunications and clear, simple and competitive pricing

Cloud Storage Backup

No need to put your backup on tape every night and place it physically in a safe or off-site; We provide elastic and secure storage solutions on the Cloud.
Restore and ship service available for data recovery

Managed VPN Over 3G

IT staff can get a secure out of band mobile connectivity to the workplace for remote network troubleshooting and intervention when needed

Managed IP Gateway

You’ll get On-Site Firewall protection, VPN connection for employees, Port forwarding, Port Blocking, Keyword filtering

Public Domain Registration And Hosting

We will handle all the process for your .LB domain registration and manage the DNS hosting, Web server  and Email hosting on your behalf

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