General Info

What is WISEMAX?

WISEMAX is a new Wireless Broadband WiMAX service provided by WISE.

Using this new WiMAX Technology, you now can easily connect to the internet via wifi and share this high-speed service on all your devices with your family, co-workers and friends.

Interested? Give us a call on 1261 ext.2 or apply online.

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Start-up Bundle

Start-up bundle

Bundle Price (including WISEMAX CPE)



up to 2 Mbps

Free Data usage

40 GB

Free Traffic

Midnight till 6am

Packages & Devices
Download Speed,
Up to
Free Monthly Usage

2 Mbps

40 GB


2 Mbps

70 GB


2 Mbps

75 GB


5 Mbps

100 GB


5 Mbps

150 GB


  • All prices are subject to VAT & other indirect Taxes
  • Prices and plans are subject to change without prior notice

WISEMAX service is curently available in the following areas:

  • Greater Beirut
  • Metn (South & North)
  • Keserwan - Jbeil
  • Tripoli - Hamat - Chekka - Anfeh
  • Zgharta - Miziara - Ehden
  • Bsharri - Bqaa Kafra - Arez
  • Zahle
  • Ferzoul - Maalaka - Hawch El Omara
  • Beit El Dine - Deir el Qamar - Deir Dourite - Barja
  • Khaldeh - Choueifat - Qabrchmoun

Eventhough our service is available in these areas, it may happen sometimes that you are present in shadow areas where signal is not available. A slight switch of location should be enough in most of the times to get back a signal. It is always better to communicate your intended location of use to our sales reps before subscribing.

All you need to know

Setting up

Instant Plug & Play; Just power up the Wifi-enabled WISEMAX and get connected.


Once you reach the quota limit or the 30-day validity, whichever occurs first, you will be automatically redirected to the refill page. Purchase a WISE Wallet prepaid card and follow the on-screen instructions.

Checking the Consumption

No need to remember any logins or passwords in order to check your data consumption. Just by visiting WISE website ( enter your mobile number and the WISEMax serial number, an information box will show up with all the information you need.