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With WISE wireless high-speed internet, accessing the web is as simple as plugging the WISE BOX into your PC and nothing else!

Why choose this device?

if you ask the thousands of users that are currently using this technology about their opinion, the only answer you will get is... PORTABLE, SIMPLE, and FAST.

  • Connect anytime anywhere, in the office, on the mountain or by the sea.
  • Much easier to install and use than any other wireless device that require software installation and sophisticated configuration.
  • Very high speed provided anytime with a download rate up to 2 Mbps!

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Price (USD)
Price (LBP)

20 GB

USD 19

LBP 29,000

40 GB

USD 27

LBP 41,000

80 GB

USD 45

LBP 69,000

NB:FREE Night Traffic feature enabled on all our plans. Everyday between midnight and 7am.!!!

Note: All the above prices are subject to VAT & other indirect Taxes.

Prices and plans are subject to change without prior notice...


Our Coverage area is continuously expanding Every Day!

Our services is curently availble in the following areas:

Beirut & Mount Lebanon

  • Greater Beirut and suburbs
  • Antelias and Naccache hills up to Rabieh, Kornet Chehwan, Elissar and Mazraat Yachouh
  • Jal El Dib and Jdeideh hills up to Fanar, Beit Mery and Broummana
  • Bhamdoun and Aley region
  • Hazmieh, Baabda, and Hadeth
  • Baabdet, Dahr el Souwan, Beit El Kikko, Ain Saadeh, Cornet El Hamra, Freikeh, Chawiyeh
  • Beit Chabeb, Bekfaya, Ain Alaa, Ain Aar
  • Bsous, Wadi Chahrour, Bdadoun, Houmal
Beirut & Mount Lebanon on the map


  • Zahle
  • Chtoura and neighboring areas
Bekaa on the map


  • Jbeil, Mastita
  • Blat, Edde
  • Halat, Fidar
  • Bouar
Jbeil on the map


  • Faqra
  • Faraya Mzaar
  • Zouk, Adonis, Geitta, and Ballouneh
  • Kaslik, Jounieh, Adma, Kfarhabab and Tabarja
  • Jeita, Shaily, Ballouneh, Ajaltoun, Reyfoun, Koleyaat, Feytroun, Kfardebian and Daraya
Keserouan on the map

North Lebanon

  • Tripoli
  • Batroun, Chekka
  • Koura, Amioun
  • Zgharta and neighboring areas
  • Ehden
  • Becharre and neighboring areas
North Lebanon on the map

South Lebanon

  • Saida
  • Tyr and neighboring areas
South Lebanon on the map
Application form


This is a printable order form, please fill it and return it back to one of our authorized retail dealers.

Payment Methods

  • Automatic Debit Letter:

    Your monthly bills will be collected directly from your bank.

  • Cash (3 months in advance):

    Payment will be done in cash for 3 months in advance.

  • Credit Card Authorization:

    Your monthly bills will be collected directly from your credit card account.

  • Prepaid Cards:

    Each month your wireless account should be refilled with the Wise prepaid card. Wise wireless prepaid cards are available online and at Wise Resellers.

All You Need to Know


  • Install in a vertical position to ensure proper cooling and good signal reception
  • Slots at the top of the case allow warm air to exit the unit
  • Extended operation in a horizontal position may cause damage to the CPE

Installation for a single-user environment

For a single-user installation, connect the CPE to your desktop laptop with a straight through Ethernet cable. This is the cable supplied with the CPE

single user

Installation for Multi-User environment

For a Multi-User installation, connect the CPE to a HUB or switch using a crossed-over Ethernet cable.

single user

Understanding LEDs

  • In normal operation, indicate current signal strength
  • IMPORTANT! since the received signal is reflected, it is not unusual for the signal strength to vary during operation
  • LEDs also indicate when a signal is not present or when a base station is not allowing the access to the network
  • Note that when viewed from the logo side of the CPE, the LED pattern is from right to left

1, 2, 4, 5 on & 3 flashing

Normal CPE boot

NO leds illuminated

No power to the CPE

  • Check the connection on the bottom of the CPE
  • Check the AC adapter
  • Check the outlet for power

All LEDs Blinking Quickly

No connection between the PC and the CPE

The CPE will blink rapidly when power is applied but the PC is shutdown or disconnected

LEDs Blinking Slowly

CPE has found a suitable signal and awaiting registration.

Process should only take seconds.

LEDs Illuminated Solid

Normal operation

Signal strength is indicated by the number of green LEDs

CPE throughput is not influenced by the number of LEDs

LEDs Scanning (Chasing)

This is an indication that the CPE is searching for a signal.

If the scanning won't stop, the CPE is not getting a suitable signal and should be relocated or oriented differently.

1 and 5 on

Low power! return CPE for repair

2, 3, 4 on

High power! return CPE for repair

1 & 5 on & 2, 3, 4 oscillating

CPE over temp! reduce temperature



IEEE 802.3 (10base-T) RJ 45Network


IP Ethernet

LED Indicator:

Integral Signal Strength

Power Consumption:

10 watts

Electrical Specifications:

90-24- VA; 50/60Hz


9.3" x 6.4" x 1.2" (23.5 cm x 16.2 cm x 3 cm)


Operating System:

Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition or higher, or Windows XP, or Windows Vista, or Linux, or Macintosh-based operating system


Ethernet card or USB port (USB/Ethernet adapter required

How fast is WISE's wireless internet access?

WISE lets you connect at broadband speeds of up to 2 Mbps

Is it easy to set up my own WISE service?

Yes! After you've chosen the WISE service plan that's right for you, you can set up WISE yourself in just minutes. Installation instructions are included with your equipment, and Wise provides trained staff on our customer care line to assist you over the phone.

Where can I use my WISE connection?

With WISE, the main value-added service is to be portable, wherever and whenever you plug your wireless modem within our coverage area you can get connect to the Internet.

If I share my WISE connection, can all computers be online at the same time? Will this slow down the connection or increase my service costs?

Using a HUB or wireless access point, multiple users (up to 4) can be online at the same time. The only additional cost you'll pay is for upgrading your service plan.

How does the weather affect my WISE service?

Typical bad weather does not affect the speed or performance of WISE Wireless internet service.

Do I Get a real IP?

Yes. You will get a dynamically assigned real IP.

Is there any limitation as far as maximum session number per user?


Can I use VPN using WISE connection?

Yes and without any problem.

What happens if the WISE box stops functioning properly?

A WISE Customer Care agent will help you troubleshoot the problem and advise you of the solution accordingly.

Is the WISE box under warranty?

Yes, there is a 3 months warranty. Please refer to section 4 of the service agreement for further details.

How will I be billed?

You will be billed at the beginning of every month for the full month in advance, except for your first bill which be prorated for the period of time from when your service was initiated, up to your bill date. All monthly invoices should be settled either by Credit Card or an Automatic Debit Letter.

When or how can I change my service plan?

You can make changes to your service plan anytime, please contact a Customer Care agent by emailing or by calling 01-260473

When will WISE be available in my area?

If WISE isn't available in your area yet, it's just a matter of time. Our network is expanding quickly, so check our website again soon or call support for an indicative date.

Why can't I receive WISE in my location?

You must be within our covered area to receive a WISE signal. It sometimes happens for users not to receive signals, even if they are in a supposedly covered area. In that case, you could try to improve the signal reception by locating the WISE box next to a window with an unobstructed view.

Can I use WISE with Apple and Linux systems?

Yes and yes. As long as there is an available RJ-45 Ethernet port.

Why is the signal strength changing?

It is not unusual for the signal strength LEDs to vary from time to time. The signal that reaches the box is reflected and can be impacted by terrain, buildings, moving objects, etc...

I used to have 5 LEDs illuminated, now I have 3, is my connection slower?

Connection throughput is not influenced by the signal strength.

I cannot connect to the internet. Why?

Make sure the computer is configured to automatically receive an IP address. Next, you need to check the box status. If LEDs are on solid, the box has a successful connection to the airlink. You can try to renew your IP address by rebooting your PC.

My WISE box works at home but not at my work or friend's house. Why?

The box searches for a valid signal each time it is powered on. It is possible that the service provider does not offer coverage in that particular geographic location.

Is it dangerous to be near the WISE box when it is transmitting?

NO. There are no problems with the RF exposure when sitting near an active box. The box operates within specified guidelines for RF exposure.

Will the WISE box connect to my Ethernet card on my PC that is 100base T?

Yes. Just about all Ethernet cards should support devices that either 10 or 100Mbps.

The location where my WISE box receives the best signal is more than 10 meters from my PC, what cable do I need to buy?

A standard Ethernet patch cable with RJ45 ends.

Is the WISE box compatible with Wi-Fi systems or will there be any interference?

The box is compatible with 802.11b access points and routers. Interference is usually not a problem provided the wireless AP is installed away from the box antenna.